My Language Notebook

My Language Notebook 2.0

Organize and record your language learning


  • Write and record your notes
  • Share with others
  • Free downloadable projects


  • Interface is a little clunky


If you're learning a language it's a good idea to keep your notes organized. My Language Notebook is an application with which you can store and organize phrases and vocabulary you have learned, save and share your notes with other users.

The interface in general looks quite basic, and would be much improved by including drag and drop to organize folders and categories. Nevertheless, My Language Notebook is quite easy to learn, and while adding and moving entries could be a little easier, it's not hard. Especially useful is the record feature - plug in a microphone or headset and you can add audio to everything you write down, which will be saved along with the rest of the project.

As saved projects can be uploaded and shared, My Language Notebook could also be useful for language teachers. Writing homework exercises with audio, or that require students to record their speech, can be created and then sent or shared. There are also free projects to download from the site, with useful phrases in a variety of languages.

Overall, the slightly clunky interface spoils what is otherwise a great idea. The sharing aspect of My Language Notebook is really good, and the audio integration works very well. In general, to use a program like this you need to already be an organized person, and if you are you'll love using My Language Notebook.

My Language Notebook will help students and teachers alike with language learning, although it takes some getting used to.

My Language Notebook


My Language Notebook 2.0

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